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Selection Moving Effects
"Effects Bar" menu option turns on Effects bar (panel of effects: flip vertical, rotate right, zoom in, zoom out, etc.).

You can use moving effects to provide comfortable and fast work.

Such effects may be apply:

Vertical Fliping

vf Using this button you can flip aniting you want vertically

Horizontal Fliping

vf This button helps you flip definite object horizotlly

Left Rotating

vf This button allows you rotate necessary object left

Right Rotating

vf Using this button you can rotate aniting you want right

Angle Rotating

Choosing the Rotate Angle option at the effects menu you can input an Angle of rotation

Left Shifting

vf This button helps you shift definite selection any pixels left

Right Shifting

vfUsing this button you can shift necessary object any pixels right

Up Sshifting

vfThis tool allows youshift anithing you want some pixels up

Down Shifting

vf Using this tool gives you a possibility to shift your selection any pixels down

Zoom In

vfThis Zoom Tool magnifies the image

Zoom Out

vfThis Zoom tool gives you opportunity to reduce the image

Each click of this buttons gives you a method for archieving best results.

All you need to use this effects is selecting the object.


vf That's easy!